Vx2 with two single flipsky 4.20 vesc

Just got these things:

  • 2 single flipsky vesc 4.20
  • 1 VX2 remote
  • 2 6374 flipsky 190kv motors
  • 1 flipsky anti spark switch
  • 2 4s batteries 4.000mah 25C that i will plug in series (already had them, but are upgradae)
  • 200mm off road tires, twistar hubs
  • 4/1 gear ratio, chain
  • mbs core 90 for e-convertion

From what i’ve read i could use 3 solutions to drive both vescs with the remote:

1 - use can bus, but if master vesc stops working, both do.

2 - use split ppm with one of the 5v wires cut off. But i’ve read that some people have had their vesc fried by doing this, maybe done something wrong.

3 - use two receivers, one on each vesc, but not sure if works with vx2 and alao is the most expensive solution.

Note that i am from Brazil and anything i need from china will take forever to get here, so with that in mind, what would you guys recomend i do to link the vx2 to both vescs?

What solution did you go with in the end? I’ve been using vx2 remote with two 4.12 vescs for a few month now but unfortunately lately one of them makes it so that I cannot control the board. VX2 is a UART remote and form what I know it can’t be used with PPM? For me the can bus throws an error when I want to set up the remote for the two vescs with the VESC TOOL. In the end what worked for me (but somehow no longer works for one VESC) was to connect the receiver normally to one vesc and split the green (TX?) wire to the other vesc.

Best option imho. If you configure your slave esc to be UART controlled as well (make sure not to check PPM and UART), if your master fails you can just switch the remote and drive home on one wheel.

There’s a PPM pin on the Vx2 receiver. But I know it’s a UART remote, so I assume that’s just a label on the board and the pin doesn’t work(?). I’m trying to somehow detect braking from it using an arduino, to drive brake lights. Any ideas how that might be possible please?!

How , exactly?

You open up the board and connect the UART receiver to the second ESC, disconnecting CAN wire. and motor wires from the dead esc.The “slave” will act as master and you can drive home one-wheeled. Beats kicking it home…