Vx2 with two single flipsky 4.20 vesc

Just got these things:

  • 2 single flipsky vesc 4.20
  • 1 VX2 remote
  • 2 6374 flipsky 190kv motors
  • 1 flipsky anti spark switch
  • 2 4s batteries 4.000mah 25C that i will plug in series (already had them, but are upgradae)
  • 200mm off road tires, twistar hubs
  • 4/1 gear ratio, chain
  • mbs core 90 for e-convertion

From what i’ve read i could use 3 solutions to drive both vescs with the remote:

1 - use can bus, but if master vesc stops working, both do.

2 - use split ppm with one of the 5v wires cut off. But i’ve read that some people have had their vesc fried by doing this, maybe done something wrong.

3 - use two receivers, one on each vesc, but not sure if works with vx2 and alao is the most expensive solution.

Note that i am from Brazil and anything i need from china will take forever to get here, so with that in mind, what would you guys recomend i do to link the vx2 to both vescs?