W-concave decks: anyone using one in your build?

I’ve been thinking about trying out a w-concave deck. I like the idea of having a subtle dome in the arches of my feett while standing on an electric for a while. Has anyone here done a build using one? I imagine there are some mounting issues for electronics, but it seems like with some creativity the shape of a w-concave could be beneficial for a build.


my bro has an Original Skate freeride board with a W concave, and I love it more than my drop deck… It’s really stiff, so I don’t see mounting the components being an issue, but if you get another deck with alot of flex then it could be an issue.

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Omen chief has a mellow W on the back half of the deck.

You can see it here somewhat.

I’m not mounting to the bottom, instead mounting into the deck, but that “W” does equal thicker/thinner material i need to be cautious of…

If i were mounting to the bottom i would imagine it would give two flat’ish spots to secure things.

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my landyachtz topspeed and my tesseract have both w-concave and I really like both of them. its actually no problem at all to mount electronics, because the W gives quite a good platform, better than simple concave. you can sand down the W roadside very well too and get a fairly wide flat surface.

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For long rides, I prefer a fairly flat surface or a very mellow concave. Anything more and my feet start to ache after around 45min of straight riding since I don’t change my feet position very much.


Hi, A while now, but do you think a board without concave would be better for longer runs? Does the concave really help if I’m just crusing from A to B, no tricks in the sleeves? I’m also getting sore soles on longer runs, but don’t feel concave of my current board to be helping much. Some P40 rated grip tape has much better effect on the grip than concave in my opinion.
I’d like to use my battarias on other EVs and power banks, but concave shape would make bad to stack and storage.


If you’re rarely turning hard and do a lot of long runs, a flat board will be more comfortable. A concave doesn’t give you much in terms of grip, it’s more for making your board more responsive and helping to lock your feet in. I do a lot of hard carving going down hill to control my speed, so a mild concave is helpful.

I personally run a w-concave. I love it, even for just cruising.

This reminds me, forgot to add that the right shoes also makes a big difference. I’ve skated Vans since I was a kid, but now that I ride an electric, I find that the thin soles don’t add enough cushion. Switched to shoes with a lot more padding and now I can ride with steeper or even W’s without my feet getting too sore.

That’s a good point, what are your new shoes?

Been riding Frye Brett sneakers. They’re pricey, so I check on amazon for deals. Usually end up paying between $75 and $110. I wear them as my dressier sneakers until they get a little worn down. Then I skate them. The leather is really nice, so they form nicely to your feet once they break in.

man this thread is like a time machine.

since i posted this thread i have built two press clamps, had a mold custom machined, and have been pressing my own decks for use in my builds. After trying a few things out initially, i settled on my own concave design and have been using it ever since.

It’s crazy stable at high speeds and gives you some nice gutters to push into when you carve around corners pretty fast.

It makes me want to get some sliding gloves and learn how do drift around corners properly.


You’ve come a long way baby! :joy:

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