Waiboard DIY | Dual 6354 | 10s4p | Flipsky Dual 4.2 plus | Enclosure 3D

My new project tries to update my Boosted DIY.

The previous configuration was from 2016:

Deck: Loaded Vanguard flex 2
Motor: 1 Torque Boards 5055 190KV Motor
Esc: X-car 120A
Battery: 6s lipo 5000mAh (2x3s)
Wheels: Orangatang Kegel
Enclosure: 3D printing in PLA with fiberglass reinforcement and putty

The new update 2019 has the following parts list:

Deck: Loaded Vanguard flex 2
Motor: 2 Motors Flipsky 6354 190KV
Vesc: Flipsky Dual FSESC4.20 Plus
Battery: 10s4p 18650 25r with BMS of 100A for charging and discharging
Wheels: 90mm
Enclosure: 3D printing in PLA (printed with 100% infill)

It is based on the Fusion Board version with my modifications.

I will be updating the post with photos and news as it evolves. :slightly_smiling_face:

IMG_7417 IMG_7436 FullSizeRender%5B5%5D FullSizeRender%5B6%5D

Status update (08/13/2019)

These are some of the bras (I call them ribs), which support the enclosure of the VESC and the enclosure of the battery.

Costilla%2001 Costilla%2002

The time it took to print the VESC enclosure with 100% infill


Soon I will upload more photos of the preview!


Is there a reason you didnt print the ribs flipped 180 so that you wouldn’t have needed so much support material?

I printed them both ways, first face down and as I did not like the finish that was achieved on the sides I decided to print them as seen in the photos. They took many more hours, but resolution is something I like to take care of. :nerd_face:

Status update (08/19/2019)

More parts finished! Enclosure for the battery and enclosure for the VESCs ready!

My version of riser is also ready to order the motor cables to the VESCs, which in turn has a built-in bash guard for easy replacement when it wears out.

IMG_7437 FullSizeRender%5B1%5D FullSizeRender%5B2%5D FullSizeRender FullSizeRender%5B3%5D FullSizeRender%5B4%5D