Wand question...my whole board powers off if throttle is hit quickly

I built a electric board . Dual vesc6 10s4p dual 6374 sensored turnigy …and when the throttle is pushed it’s working fine. But if you happen to say throttle quick or double press the trigger it fully powers off. Even w the power button still pressed on…is this a safety feature or is it an issue in settings…I am using the vesc wand btw

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I think it’s the current draw battery is shutting down when its throttled quickly …did some digging…gotta find what setting that is on vesc tool…

Lower your battery amps

Question is: Is the VESC just cutting out due to a fault code like ABS-Overcurrent or is it shutting down ( lights off). I guess that you have a BMS that cuts out due to high power drain. This can actually quickly kill the VESC! If you press the brakes while the battery is disconnected, the VESC is dead for sure.

Lights out power off totally. Nothing blows up or gets hot even but when it begins to draw more power it seems…hills or quick throttle it just …goes off…but if I pussy around its ok… like walking in eggshells though

It is probably the BMS that cuts out. You need figure out the spec of the BMS and adjust the current limits in VESC Tool accordingly. You could also bypass the BMS and ad a fuse in line with the VESC. Basically you would then only use the BMS for charging, which is better anyway.


Ok so is there a way to determine roughly the bms stats by knowing the other components stats? Meaning that I cannot access the bms directly its cased into the battery and to disassemble it is close to impossible without ruining the case…its a new bike battery…removable kind…similar to say a limebike or similar…the battery itself is 10s4p Samsung cells…can that be worked out?to find the bms info? Or is it to vague still…is there a rough safe "Zone " I could use? For the stats in vesc tool? Otherwise I gotta tear it open and I. Trying to avoid that …thanks for any and all help

You need to find out the spec, but I can imagine it is not capable, since e-bikes do not use a lot of power compared to an e-skate. Why should they drop an expensive BMS in there if no necessary? Try and contact the manufacturer. 10S is also quite unusual for an e-bike. They are usually 13S and that is too much for a VESC 6. The over voltage protection would kick in or the VESC would get damaged.

I Would also try to lower the current via the tool. I also recommend to set ramps. But before, can you measure if your Vesc is still on power after shutting down respectively is the battery output dead?