VESC WAND REMOTE soon to arrive from the future

Soon to arrive from the future: THE VESC WAND REMOTE CONROLLER

Benjamin Vedder and I used the winter period to design a new kind of remote controller with some new & very outstanding ‘E-Skate specific features’. There are many basic remote control options already on the market but non of which hit the high bar when it comes to features & reliability. Most of us have experienced issues when using an in-sufficient remote control & consequently we have always dreamed of holding a reliable, versatile, ever lasting & safe remote controller that matches the outstanding performance of the VESC software and hardware environment it’s matched up to. You should expect nothing less than magic from the WAND .

HARDWARE: High end electric boards deserve to be controlled with a high end remote, you need to be 100% in control over the Mmonster under your feet. Personally I always dreamed of something that feels nice in your hands, made of high grade material, representing the same high quality level of our boards. Something that goes hand in hand with the cutting edge technology the VESC-Project offers. This remote is made from 6061 T6 (Aero-grade) aluminum with a nice carbon fiber battery lid. You can feel the quality straight away.

REAL TIME DATA DISPLAY: Using a custom Circular High Resolution OLED display enables us to revel all the crucial information you want to have to hand while riding your board. A small screen, similar to a smart watch to scroll through & see the current speed, average speed, Amp draw, duty cycle, average Watt hour draw, battery indicator (for both the board & the remote), recuperation & many more details that can be added later through updates. Whatever data the VESC captures, it can ultimately displayed on the OLED screen. Benjamin Vedder even coded tools to display animated graphics for ultimate pimpness :slight_smile:

SAFETY & GESTURE Control: What is really exciting is the IMU unit inside this remote…The IMU knows the exact orientation of the WAND in space, whislt gathering acceleration values of all space axies at the same time. Benjamin has been able to code some really useful safety features & playful things. For instance, the remote will know when you have a crash & can therefore stop your board safely. It knows when it rests upside down on a surface, refusing to accidentally send a signal to the board. It knows when you pick it up & it knows when its resting in a steady state for a while, going to sleep after some minutes to save battery. This remote is even a water spirit level, helping you to align things perfectly.

TRANSFORM YOUR REMOTE: On top of the features mentioned above, this little beauty features an option to mount a second lever or trigger and pistol grip on the bottom side. In consequence this remote can either be converted to be a pistol grip style trigger remote or to simply have an additional small trigger on the lower side to allow additional index finger control. I like to use my index finger to send acceleration commands, while using my thumb to send brake signal commands. Others want to use their thumb or index finger only. Everyone is different!

SAFE KEEPING: Hey, and do you have the same issue like me? Whenever I want to ride my board, I search for my remote. And when I put my remote on top of my board, it can easily drop on the floor when I’m in a hurry. That’s why we decided to equip this remote with a magnetic bottom panel. A small metal sheet or magnet, attached to your board, will safe keep your remote where it belongs, or you simply keep your remote on the door of your fridge, reminding you you to go out for a ride whenever you get hungry.

BATTERY LIFE: Battery life has always been an issue in the past. Sometimes you want to go out for a ride but you forgot to charge up your remote and you are worried that it will not last the entire ride you plan. When we designed this remote ultra low energy consumption was a prime goal to achieve. We wanted to use standard AAA batteries, so that you can carry spares, giving you ultimate confidence that you will never ever run out of battery. Two tiny AAA cells are good for 50-60hours of constant operation. AAA cells are available at gas stations, supermarkets, drug stores and you will probably pass such shops along your ride.

SOFTWARE AND SUPPORT: We don’t want you to buy a new remote, only because software advanced over time. We want you to know that this remote has a USB port and SWD port, allowing to easily flash the latest firmware, unlocking the latest features. This remote is future proof and will surprise you many times over it’s entire life time.

COMPATIBILITY: This remote is fully compatible with the TRAMPA NRF Dongle. Depending on when you bought the dongle, you might need to update its firmware, which is s simple task. This remote is compatible with any ESC that is based on VESC technology, running the latest VESC Firmware. Simply plug the TRAMPA NRF Dongle into the UART port of your ESC.

CALIBRATION AND MULTIPLR BOARDS: This remote doesn’t require calibration. A simple one click pairing procedure does the trick. You can use this remote for all your boards. No more need for multiple remotes, unless you want to ride out with your friends. In that case you can leave your old PPM remote receiver plugged in and switch over to that using the VESC-Tool App.

PROFILES: Use your remote to load ride profiles that you pre-defined in the VESC-Tool APP. Create profiles for beginners, kids, advanced and insane riders. Trampa_skateboard_remote_vesc_wand%20-%202



woooo! This I’d like to try! :slight_smile:

I really like the idea of trigger or thumb use

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Nice one! Love the logo :joy:



unity compatible? nevermind already ordered :rofl:

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Very high tech…So much room for error.

Impressive nevertheless and I like the rugged housing.

What the fuck does this even mean? Who in their wildest dreams needs a spirit level on a remote? I can count how many times I have needed a spirit level to build a board. Zero. Why put something so trite on a remote? They should call it the i remote

I do like the analogue speedo though. Thats a nice touch but the rest is not necessary. Just more things to go wrong.


Unlikely to be compatible, although they could make it compatible.

so did I till I saw its OLED image


Getting a tiny little smiths instruments gauge in there was probably too hard lol


a swippable analog gauge? :blush:

I wish we could fashion the remote out of one of those ergonomic fleshlights.

Hell, NM. That’s my idea. Trademarked. You all have been served.

The Fleshmote (patent pending).


If you send me graphics of gauges, we can create a graphic layer and drop them. Benjamin coded a tool to convert the graphics into a format that is supported.

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Actually there will be a flashlight adaptor available.



Flashlights to see, Flesh Light, well, something else entirely.


Please everyone, don’t google fleshlight


I wasn’t going to but now I can’t resist…:roll_eyes:

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If I’m busting out some bangra moves while riding and have my hand upside down, what gives?


I did. Looking forward to the Trampa fleshlight-mod.