Want a good controller that compact and reliable(Hoyt puck if available)

I have an unmodded gt2b and black mastercho mod casing if you want to give it a go! I’ll give ya everything for like $30

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Would you be willing to assemble for extra?

The mastercho enclosure and the sparkle enclosure are awesome, but not easy to build.

The Firefly is troublesome, all of the Firefly patients share the hall sensor trigger which is not great.

Not great options if you want something compact and reliable.

I’d suggest either the Hoyt Puck, FlipSky remote or Benchwheel remote for easy of use, form factor and reliability.


Do u have a puck for sale? After reading the thread I’m suprised ive never heard of it

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No, but you can get them from Hoyt.


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All good thanks man!

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My favorite control is the Winning v2, the Nano x is based off of it but with a different case.

It’s small, light and super reliable. I’ve had 7 of them including nano x varients and never encountered a problem on multiple set ups.

Some people don’t like the shorter throw throttle compared to other remotes but I prefer it. I don’t like long trigger throws.

A racecar has twitchy and sensitive brakes and throttle but once you learn how to use it effectively then nothing beats it.

A luxury car has soft brakes and gradual acceleration because it’s more comfortable.

So in the end I prefer the hardcore race type set up… You should see my car I just got a GTX3071r for my little 2.0 that could :slight_smile:

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Can I jump on this deal if he doesn’t bite?

@Esk88 and @AlanZhou got dibs but neither have confirmed so if they don’t go through by tomorrow its all yours

image Comes with a nice custom rubbery grip

Hey man, thanks for your feedback on the winning v2 remotes, have you ever get remote cut off while riding?

I saw there’s a few post in the forum that kinda diss the Winning remote due to the cut off and connection issue, I uses the Ownboard metal ESC enclosure so I am a little worries about that too…

The winning v1 and we are totally different. The TB nano, FlipSky name and nano-x are all based if the winning v2, it’s fine.

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Thanks for replying bro, so you’re saying that the winning v2 should work just fine with VESC 6.6 and metal enclosure from Ownboard?