Want a good controller that compact and reliable(Hoyt puck if available)

Just offer ideas or if you have one let me know how much

Modded gt2b either MasterCho or okp’s sparkle case. The range should be “Overkill”


Build a firefly mini remote. I will link the build guid tmrw morning. It’s a good fun little project

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I heard someone say they are a scam, (not saying this is the case)

Where might I pick one up?

You’d buy all the parts and build it yourself. Or some people sell kits. Have a look around the forum

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mini firefly? i know of the firefly, but?

Are there any already made?

Sorry I meant firefly nano

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i bet u can ask someone to make one for you, but its hella fun to make one. i bought the parts from someone, but i used this wire that wasn’t bendable enough and it kinda broke everything…


ohhhh, i was kinda confused.

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Ahh sorry that was my bad. Yeah it really is good fun try it out it’s not too expensive. And will teach you a couple of things along the way

I couldn’t find where they were for sale just a lot of info on the controller

yeah, in total it cost like 40 bucks. compare that to a 60 dollar one of amazon.

don’t just search it. they’re diy remotes. u can go to the build thread and ask ppl if they r selling or can build u one.

Lol gotcha I thought there was an online shop or soemthing

Create a post asking if anyone has the time to build you one. Or ask @solidgeek or @SeeTheBridges if they know anyone that can help

lol, everything is in here.

@Sascha_stevenson if one was to buy, @seethebridges isn’t always on the forum/able to access his workshop.

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Or even ask on the page I linked someone will sort u out with something


You get a gt2b off of hobby King and mod it, also print out a enclosure for it

There are many toturals on YouTube from okp and @Mikenopolis @okp