WANT dead VESC (DRV8302 fault) EU

I have a spare DRV8302 chip that I wanted to use to fix my VESC that ended up being replaced by the vendor. So I’m looking for a dead VESC with the DRV8302 fault to try the procedure on.

I have such a vesc with a dead DRV. Located in switzerland. Getting it checked out by a hardware egineer. If he says no I am happy to donate to the cause.

What happens with it if it works ? :slight_smile:

you can let it repair for approx 50 euro in Germany

Its getting repaired by the vendor for free. if it wasn’t I’m reasonably confident that I could do it myself. since I have the chip, I would at least give it a shot.

I would use it I guess… I wouldn’t feel comfortable with selling it to anyone since the vesc’s with this problem are often ones with nit the greated quality components and might show the same issue again. also other components might have been affected that will die sooner than later.

hey i have 2 vescs with DVR fault if you want i can send you some pics :slight_smile: