WANT TO BUY: Flywheels...Preferably 97mm or Above. [US]

Title says it all. my MBS wheels don’t seem to spin true. Looking for flywheels to replace them but don’t want to buy a new set now cause broke.

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They won’t let you down :wink:


I’m pretty sure you already see them in my cart LMAO. BUT IM SO BROKEEEEEEEE


DId you try shaving them? They’re supposed to ride better when shave off the knobs. I have the same set but have yet to ride it.

No idea if shaving will affect the way they spin. Don’t think so personally but i may be wrong.

If you do decide to shave it. Here’s the quick Kaly method

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Heard this puts tremendous pressure on the vescs. Not trying to blow anything tbh :smiley: