Want to buy motor! ASAP

Hello guys my friend broke his motor and he is looking to buy a motor. Best if shipped from the US. He had the Enertion 6372. Looking to buy asap

If you want one as fast as possible. DIY has that sized motor.


Of course it won’t be the cheapest thing :stuck_out_tongue:

What’s wrong with hobbyking and hobbypartz.com. Fast cheap and good. There’s no magic motors just cause they come from eskate dealers

That is so true! It’s all the same, some sk3 motors are even better cause the have skirt bearings.

Diy’s motors are pretty solid.

Have a nice long shaft and keyway. 5.5mm bullets.

I am still confused if they are 200kv or 230kv

Diy’s shipping speed has really improved also.

Yep, I have 3 VESCs shipping right now from @torqueboards baby.

I have everything but the board and battery coming from them too :slight_smile:

@joeadams101 Here’s a link to the DIY page. He’s got the widest range of motors available from any ESK8 vendor. He’s got from 5055, 6355, 6374 and in different KV ratings for whatever voltage your system is running. ! Dexter is stepping it up!


I have a 149kv 6374 motor, with a keyway, might sell it depending on your location. It has 5-7 miles on it, Sticker on the can is peeling other than that it is perfect.

i have a Turnigy Sk3 192kv motor, brand new, for sale here :slight_smile:


how did the motor break? motors are fairly easy to fix

Hobbyking are always out of stock !

@CSN - KV rating does change depending on the voltage you use. I’d say for testing w/ VESC it seems you need at least 10S to get a semi-accurate voltage reading.

Even at 10S I think most of my stuff is about 10-15kv under it’s recommended. So the 230KV is at like a 215-230KV or similar.

I tried chakas 200kv motors at 6s and 10s and got 197 and 194 respectively

@Jinra Thanks. I’ll take a look.

e-skate motors have key slots and heavy silicone phase wires. Do hobby motors have that?

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True a keyway is nice to have already done but silicone wires aren’t important. They perform great in your hands but otherwise I haven’t noticed a difference. The size of the wire isn’t noticeable either. And those are the only difference