Want to buy vesc (uk,eu)

hello looking to buy any sort of esc for a dual set up or just a simple vesc

I already have one vesc

If you buy “simpel” you will buy twice

ps never mix esc oder vesc if possible

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okay its my first build if I can get a dual esc I wouldn’t use the vesc but if I get another vesc it says I can use the canbus connector to run dual

It is possible to work with canbus. But differed vesc dont always like each other. its a risk you could possible run into.

btw there are dual motor vesc aio options

could you link one in or are there any like locally such as in the uk

maybe u can look here:


im using : alien-120a-2-12s-v4-factory-esc-hv-twin

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Search the forum (there may be a couple) Or keep your eye on ebay for one

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