Want to rent a spot welder in Bay Area

I can pick up anywhere in or near south bay.

will you let me watch you make the battery? :] hehe

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You think you will only use it once or twice but once you get it you realize the possibilities. It’s amazing knowing you can now make a battery for ANYTHING

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And you will not be building just one or two boards.

Study study study, battery isn’t something you can just wing that how mistakes are made and mistakes while making a battery can cause alot of damage.

Ask the library, usually they know where you can get stuff like that. Or try a high school metal shop. Or tool rental shop like Cresco or United Rentals.

I think it’s so worth it just to buy the boss spot welder. I thought I’d only build one battery and I was just barely saving money, but now I’m building my 4th one and I’ve “saved” hundreds on my other packs.

@jasonbhuynh Can I rent your spot welder then?

I need it for the next month to build my next two packs, assuming I don’t build or rebuild any after that. I do have a broken one (my error) that gives a FET error that I can give away, if you’re willing to fix it or send it to Aulakiria to get it repaired. He quoted me $25, presumably not including shipping to and from Korea.