Want to run dual sk3 6374's on torqueboards 218mm trucks,try these!

yea my dual 6374, 12s4p with 107mm superflys is approaching 30lb. awesome performance but a pain in the ass to lug around.

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In case you want more options and don’t mind waiting, there’s an EU group buy on the DIY 218mm ones.

NVM its closed, sorry.

I’m super interested in doing this since I have almost everything for the same setup you have. Would you mind sharing how you managed to squeeze them in?

And why aren’t you using your idlers in that photo?

It looks like there’s ample room for sk3 6374’s just want to make sure you didn’t have to modify anything? As this threads got a little confusing🤔 I was under the assumption they fit sk3 6374’s no probs!!..you are running 15mm pulleys and belts?

Hi, Reason you did not see the idlers because I am still waiting for my belts to come in. What I have in the picture is version 1 of my motor mount (no idlers). Version 2 has a dual idlers. Note: my setup is a TB218mm truck running a dual Turnigy 6374 motors, all 180mm trucks including Caliber, Ronin, Paris,… will not fit a dual 6374s.


Picture shows 12mm belt. I am waiting for 15mm belts to come in which are the sizes I’ll be using for my final build.


Is that a standard bearing spacer and speed washer on each side?

Yes, they are.

I’ve read that dual SK3 6374s won’t fit. Clearly you’ve proven otherwise, which is fantastic news to me since I can keep my motors :smile:

I’m assuming you’ve not made any modifications and just slapped your parts in yes?

I have these trucks on the way but what made the thread a little confusing was the comment that apparently sk3 6374’s wouldn’t fit! Diy.com website says it will fit 2x 6374’s 190kv side by side…so what your saying is confirming what I thought,you CAN run dual sk3’s with 15mm belt/pulley setup,don’t get why people are asking you how you done it??

Though @torqueboards mentioned SK3s wouldn’t fit (or he was unsure, I can’t recall).

All you need is a TB218mm truck or compatible length to run a dual 6374s. No modifications are required as you can see in the picture.

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TB 6374 motors have a length of 74mm which is why they make TB218mm truck for their motors in a dual setup. Turnigy 6374 motors have a length of 86.3mnmn which I did not realize until I bought it. I thought all 6374s have the same length, absolutely not the case! With that in mind I engineered my motor mounts so I can accommodate my dual setup with up to ~90mm in motor width.

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So you have modified mounts! So with enertion motor mounts they would not fit? Just need to clarify before I purchase motors!

Can’t speak of enertion mounts because I don’t have one in my possession. I always wanted to engineer my own to the way I want.

Fair enough! I think I’ll just go with a different brand of motor to be on the safe side,I don’t get why hobbyking made the motor dimensions bigger as the 6374 as you rightly pointed out is for measurements! Anyway thanks @marcmt88

Sry for jumping in like this. But does caliber 2 10" fit dual 6364 motors?

No they won’t fit,the most you can run on those trucks is 6355’s dual.

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I sent my motor mounts throughout EU under “gift”, no custom charges.

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Do you have a link to a thread where you sell them? @marcmt88