Want to run dual sk3 6374's on torqueboards 218mm trucks,try these!

Hi, I’m looking to upgrade my board to dual 6374 motors so need a set of trucks for the job,don’t want custom charges or big delivery costs so uk or eu would be best. Would prefer new but will accept used if not too beat up! Pictures please.

use caliber II trucks on amazon. 10 inches are best https://www.amazon.com/Caliber-Truck-Co-Skateboard-44-Degree/dp/B00J5J6B0U/ref=sr_1_1?s=sporting-goods&ie=UTF8&qid=1509123167&sr=1-1&keywords=caliber+II+10+inch

Use your favorite motor mounts Dual on 1 truck would probably work, but I like the setup of a diagonal setup (ie one on front right wheel and one on back left wheel)

By the way, what motors are you using

Dual 6374s on caliber II 10/50s?


thats not wide enough for a dual 6374 setup, @WARMAN the 218mm torqueboards trucks are the best option i have them on my Raptor with dual 6355 and i can fit my fist inbetween the motors it has so much space. https://esk8content.nyc3.digitaloceanspaces.com/uploads/db2454/original/3X/e/a/eab9445f30364159e6fdb0cfa9dc99b658895aca.jpg


@WARMAN said 6374 motors in the first sentence, please read

torqueboards 218mm, or psycho’s surfrodz with extended axels are the only two at the moment that will fit dual 6374. even then, makes sure they’re not sk3 6374, they will not fit, ask @ARetardedPillow


I mean like from what company

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@Sk8Board I have caliber trucks at the minute not keen on a dual 6374 diagonal setup! @Battosaii exactly what I’m looking for or similar but closer to home!

Yea… sk3 6374s need a tooon of clearance, Ive spent countless hours losing sleep trying to fit them

dual turnigy 6374s on TB218mm truck



Dual 6374s on calibers wont work, unless you go dual diagonal

Good to see the enertion mounts still fit the torqueboard trucks as they are 1mm more in circumference! Hopefully someone has a used pair they want to get rid of :wink:

I’m fully aware that they need to be 218mm or more! Caliber trucks only just fit dual 6355’s

I also make motor mount for Surfrodz Indeesz hex truck


torqueboards are $65 which isn’t that bad it’s just the $40 shipping to uk+custom charges… How much are the psycho’s surfrodz?



$300+ =free shipping though so if anyone else in the uk is interested in buying something from diy.com it would be worth while? If not I guess I’ll stock up and sell some vesc’s.

FOUND!! 10 chars


Torqueboards wide trucks with 6355…it honestly looks kinda goofy with all the space in between…maybe I’ll throw some 6374s on there. I have one laying around for a build


I also thought that it looked goofy with such a big gap, but I also remembered that a dual 6374 setup is 2 pounds heavier than a dual 6355 setup. Unless you need the power and don’t care for the added weight, I would just stick with the 6355s.