Want to wire LED strip lights to ESC switch

So now the ESC has another failure method that can streetface you

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You get 2 volts from the switch (if you bother reading what I wrote above)

yeah mine is giving out 3v according to the meter but its a separate switch so that won’t work at all lol Never mind it was worth a try and there is absolutely no need to get all snippy because I’m only trying to help.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

All good. Just trying to get to the end result. I know it’s possible to accomplish (that video is proof) so we’ll make it happen.

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There is one other way you could do it. You have a buck converter right? So get an anti spark switch like a vedder or similar and wire that in between your battery and esc. Leave the existing switch on and tucked in the enclosure and use the new switch as your power on that way you can wire the buck converter after the new switch and control everything from there. Or you could just have both switches on the enclosure as it won’t matter because the meepo switch is auto on anyway. All you’re doing is creating a master switch with an anti spark which will keep @b264 happy because hes a safety kind of guy

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I would not hook up anything to the switch power. For all we know it could be ONLY a logic level switch intended for very low current. You could seriously mess things up while it’s connected, or permanently if you fry something.

EDIT: the fact that it is 2V makes me think it’s logic more so, most of our diy switches are full votage if I remember correctly.


I bought this switch so I could put the buck after the switch and have it turn on the Meepo ESC too (I guess I’ll short the wires the old switch flipped on).


This won’t give me auto-on ESC but at least the buck won’t be running the entire time and the lights turn on when the board does.

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Don’t short the wires. Mine is running fine with both switches right now and so will yours. One is just acting as a battery Isolator. The esc switch will automatically turn off and on as normal but only turn on after you have switched on the main and then when you roll it the esc will power up. This is how I have mine running after our first conversation and it works. The only down side I can see is when the auto stops working (and they do fail) so keep the original switch on the enclosure so you can manually use it. Also you have another thread asking the same questions so be patient and let people help in their own time.

Actually one question was how to wire LED lights to my skateboard which I was able to do using a buck. They just didn’t turn on/off. The other question was how to do it when the ESC turns on and off. So two different questions with two different answers. One I was successful doing and the other I’m still on path to accomplish.

Why are you saying not to short the wires? I put a jumper on that switch and it seemed to work great turning the ESC on/off from another power source. Are you saying it’ll randomly shut off maybe?

Ok! I was finally successful in wiring everything together. So the Meepo switch is different than a normal switch, it turns the ESC on by shorting two contacts. So I put a jumper in there and wired in another switch. That way, I could be sure what was on the outgoing side of the switch had 40v ONLY when turned on. I used my 50v to 5v beck to wire up the lights. So now, everything works great. Was going to upload a video but I can’t, oh well!


Great so you ended up connecting everything and now you wont share more in depth of how you did it or how it looks? You couldn’t upload a video?? You seemed to upload a video just fine when you needed help though… I had an easier solution the entire time that i’ve been using on my board for over a year now that turns on and off with my cell phone if want to use that feature. BUT after hearing the way you talk disrespectful to others who are taking the time out of their day to try to HELP you, the last thing I want to do is HELP YOU. Oh well! Good luck with that janky setup you got going on though rookie! lolol


Use as many separate systems and batteries for each thing in the board as you want… Great!!! So how about a multi channel compact remote to turn each on individually.

any pics as to how you wire a buck converter to your battery? how can something that small not burn up when you connect it to such a large battery.

Put an anti-spark switch between battery and buck

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thx…where can i find info on how to wire a buck inside an electric skateboard. want to use it to power lights and possibly an Arduino

So this guy really just asked for a bunch of help, but then didn’t take the time to help everyone else once he found a solution? No pics no nothing.

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