Wanted: 12/15mm 16t motor pulley with set screws

I’m sure someone would be willing to trade you.

How many teeth on the 15mm pulley?

16t 10 charc

how much do you want for it?

its a bit worn down and there is a stripped screw in one of the holes. I dont know if anyone would want it: Here’s the pic: Google Photos

one of the holes has a stripped screw in it, just not in the pic.


NOBODY sells 15mm pulleys (besides the dudes on this forum)


Not sure what the min bore size is.

my hero :heart_eyes:


im looking for a 12mm pulley

Yea, I found that one while looking for a 12 mm wide one FOR YOU.

Be thankful, ok?

no i understand thank you

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Hey Mike!

I could use two (2) 15 mm motor pulleys. Yours are steel or aluminum?

Aluminum, 15T HTD5M 15mm. I just happen to have some extras, not really selling a bunch of stuff. I can send you a couple if you want them, but the DIY steel are better.


Anyone have 16t 15mm??

Yeah, I saw how the aluminums deformed. Think I’ll go for steel ones. Thanks anyway.

I have them in stock. With set screws