Wanted: 12/15mm 16t motor pulley with set screws

Looking for a motor pulley that fits an HTD265-5M belt with set screws.

How many teeth? What shaft diameter? With or without a keyway?

It’s a 6355 torqueboards. 16 teeth

With a key way

8mm shaft 10 charc


I was wondering if anyone had any they would sell to me for a good price

torqueboards sent me the wrong motor pulley and since its after 60 days they wont replace it. thats why i need a new one.

I have some aluminum 15T HTD5M 15mm pulleys. I could send you one for 10 bucks shipped in the US.

Wouldn’t I need a 12mm pulley for that type of belt

You can run a smaller belt on a larger pulley. I use 15mm pulleys on all of my builds but 1, I run a 13mm pulley on it.

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I used a 9mm belt on a 15mm pulley system without problems

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I know but I would rather a 12mm

Also I would like to have 16t

anyone got anything

i could also use 13mm

Which one did they send you?

15mm 10 charc

how many teeth?

16t please