Wanted 12S charge only BMS EU

I am after a charge only BMS. Preferable a Bestech D140. I would prefer something from EU so I don’t have to deal with import taxes and delays. If you have a spare one you are willing to sell, please give me a price.

@rey8801 you already gave away your spare D140?


I still have it but I am thinking to keep it. Planning to use it for my next build with the DD. Sorry @taz . Try to ask @Acido he might have some left.


Anyone else with a Bestech D140? I have everything else ordered apart from the BMS. :disappointed_relieved:

Not EU do idk how long shipping would take, but https://buildkitboards.com/products/bestech-d140-charge-only-bms?variant=12511076974686


Thanks. I have already sent a DM to @JLabs.

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