Wanted: 2x 6355 motors, VESCs, 12mm Wheel pulleys (USA)

I’m looking for two motors, vescs and wheel pulleys to complete my build

  • Dual motors will need to fit caliber II trucks (using 12s battery)
  • Looking for VESC 6 based ESC or maybe FOCBOX
  • 12mm 36T aluminum Kegel wheel pulleys

midwest USA based

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@JLabs help him out

2/3 out of stock…

Hence the…

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Do you need a particular KV 6354? I have some 260 kv ones. Better for lower voltage packs.


I bought those 6354 motors about a month ago which were set to ship this month. They got pushed back another month since I think he’s taking a vacation- so that’s why I’m here.

I might go for the other parts, but another month+ is a little too long of a wait if it’s the same deal. Our summers are short here in Chi-town.

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Already have a 12s flat pack. Thanks though!