Wanted: 63xx 190-200kv motor (closed)

What the topic says. I would like it to be no more than $70 with shipping if possible.

I’m located in New York

@scepterr @ARetardedPillow

they probably have atleast 1 extra

Ok maybe they will reply on this post

I’m willing to take a used one for a little cheaper if anyone has.

@scepterr/@ARetardedPillow Do you guys have anything?

im getting desperate here!

are these good motors?

Ive been using mine for a year with no issue.

Do you know what KV to choose for your setup?

yes 190, I think im gonna order the 6374 192kv

Keep in mind that they have no flat spot so you will have to grind it yourself and likely use some loctite.

I just realized so I refunded it.