Wanted, a pair of longer trucks

Sup guys, I want wider trucks the wider the better, I want to haul ass lol

Truck width isn’t the main thing that brings stability, the bushings and kingpin angle are also very important. That being said, these trucks are mega wide, but I do not recommend for stability. http://store.originalskateboards.com/s10-250mm-longboard-trucks.aspx

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Yes very true, but on shit trucks I can bomb hills so I just want a bit of width brotha. Thank you for the link!

What do you think of the Gullwing sidewinders

I hear they’re no good for high speed

Damn, that’s a shame!

You could get the Paris 11in trucks but good luck finding bolt on mounts for Paris not many people make those anymore…

Your only other option is ghetto frabrication :slight_smile: make a mount

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Alright! :beer: :hammer_pick: I might just plan on doing that xD time to grab a beer and a file lol

I have an apex bord from original with the same trucks, Yeah stay away from them they are sweet for cruzzzin but shit for high speeds as they have so much turn in them!

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Alright thanks for the first hand experience on that Chris! I will get a different pair, if anyone reads this and has just one truck for sale I might be interested :slight_smile:

@psychotiller makes mounts for 195mm randal clones.

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Nice! I’m going to check out some prices

Production on those trucks stopped though. I’m working on a solution. Actually, buck trucks will work too, but you need to file down some of the hanger. Also I’m going to make a slightly larger mount in the next week or so.

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Nice maybe adjusting the mount from motor to plate too?

You could also try “spring loaded”. Not sure how much stability it will give tho

Yeah I was checking those out and any adjustable trucks. Damn they are pricey haha

Around $90,- for 2. Not super cheap but seems decent for a beautiful set of those

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Paris 11" may be hard to find a mount to go with but go easily with hub motors.

Would only throw hub motor on the front, but 90 isn’t bad was checking out 215mm independent trucks for 50

Liquid Frye CNC 200mm probably best you can get. http://www.liquidtrucks.com/products/fyretrucks/ Pony Up for those though!

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