Wanted: Custom E-Toxx direct drive premium mountain board builder

I can not believe it is so hard to find Mountain Board builders. Sadly, I do not have the guts to attempt to build my own mountain board. So I am looking for a custom builder. I would buy from Trampa but I do not want their drive system. I would really like a dual motor E-toxx direct drive build for all around use. I want something that can reach speeds of over 40km/h and has the torque to get me through.

I will commute, go through the woods, go down dirt trails on this thing and all types of other stuff. I do not have a budget really, I know this build wont be cheap. I am looking for a premium build. Something that I can commute to work on then thrash on the weekends.

I am a very serious buyer! I bought a cheap Chinese mountain board. It has 2x1650w 190kv N6374 motors on belt drives. But it does not cut the cheese. Everything else about it is cheap and not high quality. Belt drives on mountain boards suck. Everything gets caught in those gears and causes trouble.

Anyone have a contact for a quality builder?

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@Kaly Is a mountain board builder

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Where do you live? Finding someone somewhat locally will probably be the best :grinning:

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Based on his first post he lives in China.

I can build one using the drives we make, but question is how much would cost the shipping plus don’t know about shipping batteries back to China can cost a fortune…

Why not get @Nowind to customise to your requirements

6374 motors should be able to hande a lot more then 1600watts change the escs to focboxes and the battery and you will have a beast board

Chain kit is pretty cheap like 40euros in france i think, bolt on to superstar hubs

Edit: didnt see your in china

Well first of all where are you located ? I can help but if outside the USA, the shipping can be tricky.

For sample check the link below, that was the off-road performance level of my boards 2 years ago at the present way better :grin: :grin: :grin:


If I can get the board built I can get the battery pack here in China. I have a shipper that I can have it shipped to in America that only charges me 2 bucks a pound to ship it here. It just needs to be packaged well because they are not delicate.

The trucks on this Chinese board have mounts that are bolted in place. No way to adjust the mount in or out to align it with another type of drive system, say a chain drive. Everything is static. Also, the trucks weigh a ton and are not adjustable.

I feel the only option is a completely new build. It does have a 12s battery and the motors which may be salvageable but I would rather just sell the whole board as a complete and get another one.

Also, I Would not trust running any additional power through anything out of a chinese factory. Like I said, the Chinese board has all low quality components, I would have to replace pretty much everything but the motors. If you are interested in what a $500 Chinese board has to offer you can watch the video below.

Kaly can you make board with E-Toxx direct drives and ship it somewhere in the US and I worry about the shipping to China and get my own batteries?

Kug3lis, what drives do you make for mountain boards?

Thanks everyone for the help, I certainly appreciate it.

Now the Chinese board:

link to that chain kit?

I found this Chinese Chain kit that the seller said was designed to work with the motor mount I already have.


It comes with either a 9 or 12 tooth motor sprocket.

While adding this to my board will eliminate my belt issues and maybe add a tiny bit of torque. I will still have super heavy hubs, a super heavy deck, super heavy trucks, etc… I will also have the esc and batteries on the bottom side, mind you the case its in is already cracked from hitting stuff. So i would have to relocate this to the top. I would have to increase wire length to do so. I would also need a new 12S battery pack that has more Amp hours because this thing gets me to one work location but it cant reach my other work location. If I relocate the pack and esc my deck is going to be littered with holes. It does not solve the issue where the deck is to wide and at full tilt digs into the pulleys. I still think it would be best if I could find someone who could build something in the fashion I am looking for.

It also needs better bindings, these velcros are atrocious.

If you were in my situation. What would you do?

Also, trampa wont ship a board here :frowning:

Try to contact @Martin . Ive heard theres this BamBug board in Korea and it is pretty good.

Also - did your board come with 12s battery when u bought it? Do u know does it use the same diyeboard / chinese esc ?

… I can agree about the weight… the board is heavy as fuck due to heavy trucks, hubs and deck itself…

My other board feels like feather compared to the chinese one.

As about battery box - ive seen some editions with same box on top… it might mess up feet position a bit but u should be able to use at least 4 existing screw holes i think (if u need to move to one or another side, for example)

Other than that really nice griptape job, gives a whole different look to board… im not sure why original manufacturer layed griptape all over the board… they could have just placed it where the feet stand.

After all, under that griptape there are decals so im not sure really why use such big griptape piece.

Also love the crossbar edition on your board. Ive got just the black metal mounts and motor position isnt aligned as precisely as it should be

Site is overion.fr something is buggy on my phone and i cant post links on here from time to time

Yes, my board came with the 12s battery but I had to talk to the seller to get it. Normally it comes with 10s. They have all kinds of upgrades if you contact them directly but you will need to know some Mandarin. On youtube I wrote that I bought it on alibaba in comments to avoid a conversation about parts break downs and convincing someone it was in fact so cheap.

However I got it factory direct here in China and had the seller add several of the upgrades he offered. I should of added this chain drive but I did not notice it on his store page before to ask about it. However the chain drive is quite cheap. I upgraded the motor mount and the battery, everything else is the stock Chinese stuff that normally comes with the board. I did add some other stuff, including the motor cans to protect the motor and the belt covers. I also got him to throw in an extra pair of belts. The seller is actually very down to earth and nice.

I do not have another board to compare, but when I jump with the bindings on my feet it feels impossible to get air. I am scared to go up a curb because I think i will just nail the bottom side electronics. When I see others in videos do it, it looks so light.

My guess is that its easier to slap a piece of grip tape on top and call it a day. That deck is readily available everywhere here. Maybe they are trying to hide the cheap deck a little?

I can ship you the chain drive kit, the cross bar motor mount kit and anything else you need. We can chat about that off forum if you ever need parts. The motor is aligned perfect with this mount.

My grip tape job was a game changer. If I were you I would break out the masking tape and go to town as well. I felt like it was 100% better looking.

Be careful, their are at least 20 sellers that buy parts from them and build and sell their own version of the board that looks exactly the same. However, some of them could be using different esc’s and stuff.

I am not going to lie, for grass and terrain that is not to rough, this Chinese board does do really well for the price. However it does need more amp hours. It needs range.

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Just a fair warning, the currently available gear drives (direct as you call them) do not have that much ground clearance. Personally had smaller issues with rocks hitting the enclosure and bending one side plate, but if you’re dealing with large rocks etc. belt drive isn’t all that bad.

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I have already got small rocks and debris caught in my belt drives causing me headache and stretching the belts. In the construction dump of a city I live in my guess is this will be a common occurrence. So then maybe chain drive would be the best bet? I am a newb so I am relying on info from this site.

Thanks for all the info. The upgrades u mention sound good. I wish more sellers offered these before buying a board.

About belt - have u thought about making a cover for it? I think if belt doesnt slip and can deliver enough power then it can work okay…

As about battery - what range do u currently get? Do u know any parameters of battery u have now?

My 80 pound brother gets 20km out of it. My 200 pound ass is hard pressed to get 18 which is just a few km shy of what I need to get to one of my campuses for work. At that point the board is also a slug. However I think it is from over heating. It seems to run great, get slow at 60%. Then I need to let it cool a while, then it is fast again. I think the ESC in throttling it from temps or something. I am pretty sure my battery is only 12500mah a small change from the 10S5P 11000mah they come with stock.

No I have not thought about making a cover. I am not the most handy person and would not know where to begin with that. I think the chain drive would be better then a cover. Are their down sides other then noise for a chain drive? I know I have to clean it and oil it but I do that all the time for my motorcycle anyways.

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@Pantalyra I have a completely built board with everything you are looking for it just needs batteries if you are interested check out my post “complete electric mountain board”