Wanted: Enertion dual drive kit

Looking for any [New/Used] Parts to build the dual drive system from enertion. Don’t have the biggest budget but willing to negotiate.

I’ve got an old set of front and rear Enertion trucks, motor mounts, and Enertion 6355 motors I’d be willing to sell. I’ll send you pictures after I leave work tonight.

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I have some pulleys for that. I think @thisguyhere might as well

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yep, just pulleys


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I haven’t had a chance to clean these parts yet. I took a quick picture on my way to work today. They are fully functional, but could definitely use a fresh coat of paint. Let me know if still interested.


Are you selling the mounts separately? If so how much shipped?

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@Acorrea444 Actually no, since the bolts-screws on the motor mount to the motor are stripped. I haven’t been able to take them off, even with a heat gun. I’m willing to sell just the motors+motors mounts as a package itself, since I don’t really have a choice.

Ah, got it. I’m after those elevator bolts lol. I’m missing two. And it’s been a failure trying to get replacements :frowning: What do you want for the package?

you’d want m6x25

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@abenny thank you!!

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