WANTED! Enertion R Spec 6355 Motor - CLOSED

Hey guys!

Looking for a R Spec 6355 motor. I’m based in the UK so would appreciate it if they are nearby.

I have N6354 270KV motors, 54US without shipping. but I am in china.

Theres a guy on the Uk-esk8t page on Facebook who has a lot of stuff for sale. He has a dual drive setup for sale with a pair of maytech 6355 motors which have been said to be the same motor? I can try to get you in touch if you were interested?

Go to the website of unikboards, the motors are from the same factory (maybe by maytech i guess) @okp

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I’ve got an r spec 6355 already but I need another one to make it dual drive. It’s cause my other one broke and so I would like the same one. But if it’s exactly the same and I can use it along side with my current one then hit me up.

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I saw those motors, are they exactly the same as the enertion r spec 6355 ones? I need it to make my set up dual drive.


yes bro - same motors. If you are looking for the sensored ones, check my mate @longhairedboy he’s a sure thing !

@cesargrimmelprez thanks for the heads up !


Alright, so I can use those motors from unikboard alongside my enertion rspec 6355?

yes sir

good ride!

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Sounds good! Will buy one from your website asap!

Just the color will be different, you’ll have a blue and a red motor!