Wanted: ESC + deck + motor + any used deals or cheap hardware

Hey yall, I’m just getting into electric longboards, and I’ve been doing the most to research what I can. I am also really into drone racing and building, so it’s not my first rodeo in hobby electronics. I used do to quite a bit of longboarding when I was 13 so I know the basics with that. I’m trying to build a 12s single motor board that can take me around town quickly without destroying my wallet.

What I have already -

  • 3x 4 cell Lipo batteries 3000 mah (from an old drone)
  • boardnamics caliper mount
  • bearings

What I need -

  • 40 - 34in deck
  • caliper trucks (will probably buy from amazon unless anyone offers a set for less than $40)
  • flywheel clones (also probably buy from amazon unless someone offers cheap)
  • 63mm motor
  • pulley combo
  • ESC
  • remote + receiver combo
  • a helmet :exploding_head:

I’m not tring to break the bank here, I am hoping that the build is around $400 total, but I’m also looking for quality and if that means a {slighty} higher price then so be it.

Also any good parts recommendations would be fantastic because I have a very loose idea what I am getting myself into.

Lastly, If anyone is interested in racing drones, I have so many spare parts its ridiculous. PM me if you’re interested in anything like that :slight_smile:



Heres a set of good parts for sale


That would be a sick setup, not sure if I’m ready to bit the bullet and drop $600 tho. Tough decision at that price to get into it. Do you think a dual motor set up is the way to go? Or a beefy single motor? I understand that a dual motor has its advantages but the cost of another ESC, motor, and mount is kinda tough to justify idk

From my experience of rideing both single and dual setups i would go dual. if you do alot of research here and get to know the esk8 market well you can make a quality set up like the one i linked above for cheaper then $600 however if you want a setup fully selected for you with high quality parts the one i listed above is great.

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single 6374 motor is fine for most people


Okay thanks for the help. Means a lot. I’m going to browse the forums a bit more and figure out exactly what I want eventually.

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Yeah thats what I thought, sure is a lot cheaper too. But I feel like if I had a single motor setup, I’ll always have that itch to upgrade to dual lol. might as well bite the bullet early if I find the right price.

Just a heads up. Everything ends up being way more expensive when you factor in all the hardware, tools, shipping and whatnot.

If you aren’t ready to drop $600, diy might not be the way to go.

You forgot an enclosure on your list!

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Yeah I’m beginning to expect that now lol. And also I figured I could just 3d print an enclosure or something idk I’ll cross that bridge when I get there :anguished:

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start figuring out how to cross it now :wink: it’ll make things go a lot easier.

remember, your components need to fit inside the enclosure and properly so it’s good to plan it all out (y)


Yeah you’re probably right. I need to measure out my batteries and figure out a good solution with that besides velcro lol

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You basically don’t have anything. I would just hold out and wait for someone selling their complete board remote and all. They come up occasionally. Start with that and customize and upgrade as you see fit slowly. A new build is going to cost…

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Yeah I know. If a great complete setup pops up ill definitely check it out, but I just like the idea of doing my own thing a bit and I don’t really mind building it if its built to last.

Single 6374 is very, very, very adequate if not falling into the “great” category. Just because most builds you see on here involve ridiculous amounts of overkill, don’t for one moment think you need dual 6374 on pneumatics and a 15Ah battery. You can have a very, very nice skate with way less. If you do go dual, dual 5065 is plenty.

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Thank you, thats great news to me and my wallet. I’m really going to have to consider my options now lol. Another question, what are the effects of dual vs. single motors on battery? Does it make much of a difference?

I have a turning sk3 192kv not sensors motor, I have caliber trucks with a Boardnamiks mount, I could sell you all that stuff for 90$

This is a great deal dude.

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