WANTED: EU battery enclosure

Hi Guys! I am lockig for a battery enclosure double stacked including Vesc. Ect.

Found one here but the shipping cost is way to much for me, living in Germany.

Something like this or just simpler image Has anyone a good source for this in Europe?

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@bigben might be able to help :slight_smile:

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eskating.eu has some decent options

What sort of deck is it for? https://www.instagram.com/bbenclosures/ Here’s my instagram page there may be something there that might fit your requirements? There is one that springs to mind that is 545mm x 145mm x 30mm or 40mm internal size that might work for you.


That sounds awesome. But I need it slightly curved. Is there any chance u have something?image


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You completely copied my first enclosure! Is that deck flexible?

Would should I say, it works perfectly :sweat_smile:

Not not very flexi. Close to 0.

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The enclosures I suggested we’re made on the Landyachtz 9two5 deck so might be similar?

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Yes looks good!

Mate I got you covered. I make custom kydex enclosures and still got a bunch lying around. Pm for prices

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Pffft hahaha I almost choked on my beer there :rofl: That’s awesome!

Was just a sigle ride… i wanted to test the new battery ^^ :grimacing:

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