Wanted: Evolve Gen2 Carbon deck, Surf Rodz RKP base plates (adjustable or normal)

restomodding a gen 2 carbon / urban interceptor; need a second deck to send to Sender :slight_smile: for finishing

Also seeking SR RKP base plates; bonus if one is adjustable. thx!

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bump @JensSjogren

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I tried going drop through with GT trucks on a gen 2 carbon deck and the motors touch the kick tail. Maybe you ment the Carbon GT deck?

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Gen 2, means I have to rotate them and re-drill :confused:

of course, when I say β€œI” I mean β€œ@psychotiller”… but still


Still yours in the end :wink:

Cant wait to see it finished… better post a build thread

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thank you :slight_smile: inspiration is thanks to many including @ricardo and his Evolvenstein build, here:

I looked at this build and realized I had almost everything needed to build our own, and as a bonus, I think it will fit this humungous battery that @Chase sold me :slight_smile: as we upgrade the Trampa Orrsum to 13S4P

so I bought this;

do heart supporting this community, in the small ways I can. thanks guys!


This might be worth a shot. Not sure if the trucks are the ones you are after. Or if trucks are even for sale. Might be worth to ask though

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Glad you took some inspiration from my build. As a word of caution, I’d have to say that fitting a 10s7p setup was a bit of a challenge, and if is was today I probably would have stuck with a 10s6p, making the enclosure less congested and giving me more space for a Metr module.

Also, I used two FOCboxes, which I had to shave corners from them to fit; maybe with a Unity you won’t have that problem.

Let me know if you need any advice, or detailed parts list.

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I still have it :slight_smile:

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thanks friends :slight_smile: do need a dual-mount from the GT-series, however. Appreciate you guys!

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