Wanted evolve trucks!

hi i badly need evolve supercarve trucks! i live in holland(EU) post me a picture of the truck and your price!

gr sam

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front? rear? front and rear? rear and rear? front and front?


I just need 2 evolve trucks. I rather have 2 front trucks! But everything is acceptable.

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…je…je… Yeah Brian, nice thinking! Me too 'am looking for some GBC Evolve supercarve trucks for my next build (sorry @hoeksame1 don’t want to jump on your tread; only after you off course).

@pixelsilva in the USA just get them from evolve but in Holland, not so much :smiley:

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Cant buy in holland… evolve uk and germany wont deliver to holland… such a shame

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…yeahh @b264, I was thinking more on someone tired of having them Supercarves laying around collecting dust and giving then away for a nice garage sale price. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I am hoping someone has a few laying around:)

$165 for a pair is smthng like killing a Unicorn to make a couple of burgers.

Da ONE…:point_down:


…awaiting some Supercarves under a budget

You can get them from Evolve France , I am from Belgium and it wasn’t an issue. Shouldn’t be a problem to have them delivered to Holland neither .But indeed it all depends of your budget…i paid 190Euro for front and back trucks (shipping included). I might sell them later to buy the parts i am missing for my mountainboard build.

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Nope Also not shipping to Netherlands…°○■■○

Seriously? Damn they suck. Don’t worry you’ll find someone that is willing to sell you some on this forum. Because honestly , even though they are great they’re not worth 200Euro imoo.But then again i never tested them with urethane wheels only with the 7" pneumatics…

I love them. Some people don’t. I like the deep carves and don’t exceed 30mph.

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I regularly go faster than 30 in group rides and so do most of us so @Rod12579 converted one of his DIY evolve trucks to single kingpin for stability.

Then you might not want double kingpin. Double kingpin are for carviness and turny

Do you use pneumatics ? I am pretty sure they are better with urethane wheels . With the pneumatics i don’t feel safe at 40kmh but i didn’t experience any whoblles and i like to have the trucks loose.

Yeah I personally don’t like such carvy trucks but you can make them single kingpin it works well and it’s super stable.

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I only use polyurethane wheels.

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Yes; then you have a very nice set of TKP :smiley:

And keep the thing you take off because some people need those :wink:

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i’ll probavbly try with urethane wheels later on because i’d like my board to be much lower for carving. Carving with the 7" wheels is pretty cool but it feels weird being so high of the ground.Especially at higer speeds. Finding the right combination for carveing and speed isn’t easy with those trucks.