Wanted: Flexi pack for Evolve Bamboo GT

A friend of a friend is looking for a replacement pack for a bamboo GT so it needs to be a flexi pack and also needs to be in the UK as there is not much chance of getting the pack transported.

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I live in Belgium but have at this moment no time. Around 1may I will stock 10s4p 30q evolve packs in stock :slight_smile: Shipping within 2days



are these flexi packs? how do you propose to send the pack to the UK?

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Yeps flexi. & just with gls or dpd. Only possible when you don’t go out off the EU

Are these courier services using ground shipping only?

You can check a box with that you are shipping Li ion battery’s and then you must give the amount off wh

how do you propose to send the pack to the UK?

A question for the british politicians. :roll_eyes:

lol! I think the only question most people in the UK would like to ask them is “blindfold or no blindfold” (metaphorically of course).


great stuff

I will pass on your IG account details to the chap in question. Unless you would prefer an email from him?

Yeah you can give my instagram details: https://www.instagram.com/electricpacks/

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