Wanted: FSESC 6.6 Single or FOCBOX and 6374 190kV Motors (US only)

6374 Motors preferably turnigy sk8 192kV, TB 192kV, APS 190kV, sensored sk3 190kV anything that is reliable as above for the motors

I’ve got a tb6374. except it has fits and doesn’t like foc motor detection. no problem with bldc detection though. I’m in Sydney Australia

aww damn that’s unfortunate fits are fine but foc is something I wanted to try out for my first board

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I have on hand a new maytech 6374 190kv runs great in foc. and the flipsky 6.6 single or focbox

I also have 6365 sealed , 6355 sealed maytech And 6374 are shipping in a week. We are in Texas.

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I have 2 tb 6374. Work great. 20180924_150550

Just pmed both of you! @Jreamer @hyperIon1