[WANTED] HTD5M 12mm 15T w/ 10mm bore

Hi. I’m looking for two steel motor pulleys (the black ones), but since my motors has 10mm shaft, they seem kinda hard to come by if I want it in 12mm belt width. I know @fottaz can make customs, and I would probably buy those if I could get flanges on both sides and not only on one side.

Anyone? :pray: 15T, 12mm belt and 10mm bore :slight_smile:

Thanks, fraannk

Have you tried beltingonline or thebearingshop?


Beltingonline only makes pulleys for 9mm or 15mm. I’ll check thebearingshop! Thanks!

Check SDP.Si. com or robotdigg.com


I think @XIII has some he doesn’t use he is from Belgium

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Hi Fraaannk! I’m sorry, it’s hard to get 2 flanges on 12mm since I cut it from the 15mm, and would need a press and more processes (and costs) to keep both of them. I’ve personally tested the 12mm with just the outer flange since the 2016, no issues, but I can understand you.

Btw, I’m always improving the products and services, I’m thinking to produce keyway pulleys too in the near future, need space and big bad tools :grin:

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I’ll consider it then, thanks! I just feel the belt will go a little out on the side, that’s why my OCD want flanges on both sides. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks @pennyboard. It seems SDP/SI only has for 3mm pitch but RobotDigg has this one: https://www.robotdigg.com/product/968/15-tooth-5M-Pulley-for-12mm-wide-belt Do you know the difference of these and the black ones? Are these in aluminium, because I would prefer steel. (These are cheap though!) I’d probably be able to make it a 10mm bore myself

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hey, I have 2 pulleys, 12mm width, 10mm bore with flanges on both sides from @Martinsp , but they are 18T. I’ll send you photos later if you are interested

Ah, 18T makes my board run way too fast :sweat_smile: Thanks though!

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Most people only leave the inside flange. We remove the outside flange to make belt maintenance easier.

If you align the motor mounts correctly you won’t have any drift.


I’m Belgium based, 10 mm shaft , 16T I believe , 15mm motor pulley

Make sure you have the right tools for this. I tried boring out a 6mm bore to 8mm on a steel pulley using a drill press and had a really difficult time. In the end I couldn’t clamp the pulley in a vice to keep it from spinning without damaging the pulley, and the bore ended up sideways

Yeah, I figured it might be hard, but I think I can do it in the lathe. But I’d still rather buy it finished if I could find it, I’ll keep looking!

Still looking :innocent:

Beltingonline only makes pulleys for 9mm or 15mm. I’ll check thebearingshop! Thanks!

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