Wanted: LHB style 12M kegel pulley.. Preferably from Australia

Is something like this https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1929457

I don’t know enough about 3d printing but if it’s a 3d printed one someone was advertising 3d printing services

@krazor not sure if you can help ?


That part wont be difficult to print and can be done without supports and very little cleanup. Though i have not tested a 3D printed pulley before so i can not say for certain what the strength will be like especially on a high powered board. i print mostly in PETG (Not advised in PLA due to heat and it being weaker although cheaper) should only take me a day to print and clean up and have it shipped the following day. for added strength i would suggest reducing the infill to 70% and increasing the top and bottom layers, this makes the part stronger over adding more infill.

I can have a look and get a price for you if your interested just let me know if you want a 9mm belt or 12mm belt pulley

This is one i pulled off the bed for someone earlier today so you can get a rough idea about the quality of the prints in PETG.

i can do this one for $18 a pulley either 9mm or 12mm belt just let me know on quantity and type, printed in PETG White filament


70% infill with 15 top and 15 bottom layers would give nice strength to the part. this would take a little longer to print but would make it more solid on the outer layers with a Honeycomb infill image


I’m looking for the 12mm one’s. Is PETG stronger than ABS and PLA? I’ve got mine printed with ABS all the pins broke and the inner part of the pulley is sketchy.

This happened to mine and the inner and the 3D printer seems to struggle to print the inner design

20190404_230559 20190404_230550

PETG is stronger than Abs and has better layer adhesion. At the moment PETG is replacing Abs due to it being stronger and easier to print with. Only issue is parts that need supports are very hard to clean because they stick so well causing a lot of clean up afterwards. How long did the pins last before breaking. This could also depend heavily on the load and torque your putting on them.

what are you going to be using these on? I probably wouldn’t go using something like this on a 12s build. 8-10s might be the sweet spot on a duel motor setup to share the load on this design due to the pins being the weak spot. i can not guarantee the same thing wont happen only due to the design itself looks like the pins are small and seem to be the weak by design for 3D printing. to save on some money do some research on the prints themselves and see what others are having success with and compare it to your build. we all want power but it does come at a cost. if your running 12S i would spend the extra and get them injection moulded as that might be a stronger alternative. But this is up to you of course, i just dont want you wasting money.

Going to be printing my own pulleys too. I may try PETG but for now I’m going to test with Polymax filament. In the future I want to make my pulleys from either Nylon-G or Nylon-X

I need more practice and an all metal hot end to do Nylon though.

I do have the LHB abec 3d printed pulleys and they are extremely strong I wish I knew how shapeways printed them.

Maybe note the lower transition temp of PETG over ABS though. PETG may not be suitable - I may be wrong but that is what I was getting from old mate Google.

Have you considered a different design using SHCS / button head cap screws through the wheel spokes ?

With the design linked your relying on the sheer strength of the 3d print

Using a design more like

Should in theory be much stronger, could even do a hybrid like in one of Idea’s pictures, Kegel core has 10 holes, use 5 for location and 5 for through bolts

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Yes I do but not too sure if I can use this. I’ve shave off 9mm on my trucks to fit my pulley.

I’ll have to check it out.

@MasterSpoon this is honestly a much better design for a 3D printed pully which does not rely heavily on the printed parts for strength rather the bolts them selves.

Do you know what currency that guy is selling them for?


That is a remix of the 32t pulley. I just printed it today in PLA as an initial prototype. Each stud has an m3×17 bolt going through it for strength. I cant snap the studs off by hand anymore. (Promising stuff). I am going to buy some petg and make a few modification to the design. Will reupload to thingiverse eventually


that looks promising would love to see how it goes.

That is a bit of thinking outside the box, I like it

My google fu tells me that M3 button head socket screws have a head dimension of 5.40mm min - 5.70mm max. I think most recommend a stud diameter of 5.4mm so the bigger end of the tolerance scale may have issues but nothing that 5 mins with a drill and bench grinder won’t fix.

How this goes?

I have that stl I want to print it but I just got my printer and I’m still printing upgrades lol

I plan to make that out of Nylon-x I dont think PLA or PETG can handle the consistent belt tension over time it should eventually deform

Just want to add that pure PETG does not work. I cracked my pulleys fairly quickly with various print settings.

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@Jinra where did your pulleys crack? Id like to see for design purposes


Thought I had more pictures, but I guess i don’t

ty ty. The gear teeth seem to hold up well. That is promising for my design I think.