Wanted: Longer Caliber Trucks

Have a broken Boosted Board? I’ll buy your trucks!

I’m looking for anyone who has a beatup/old/broken Boosted Board who doesn’t mind parting out the trucks. Will pay $100 for them after verifying their condition.

Do you know the width of bb v1 trucks? :nerd:

saw a deck on here a few days ago, trucks must be somewhere…

Just saying, BB v1 trucks are calibers. Which you can get for 40 bucks.

Yep, but they’re wider by about 1-2cm! This will help me immensely in getting the angle of the mounts on my new build up.

@saul not sure, but i’d say 194-204mm given regular calibers are 184mm?

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Ok i thought maybe you confirmed it already, what do you have planned? at wheels?

I found some truck factories, I was going to try to price a custom super wide order, Do you think others would value some super wide rkp’s for $100 a pair?

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I’m positive there’s a market for them. I’d expect to pay about $50-60 for extra wide calibers though, probably not $100 unless they had some extra features like ronins.

I’m wanting to use them for this build http://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/carbonated-enertion-vescs-hi5ber-overtaker-custom-10s4p-25r-pack-with-cell-level-fusing-abec-flywheels/10879/12 I’m currently using authentic 184mm calibers, but reversing mounting them leaves about 1.5cm clearance for the motor mount to the ground. My preferred way of solving this issue is getting wider trucks.

Can you find the Caliber factory and order longer trucks or shortened trucks like Enertion?

I would also love to get some modified Calibers too.

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I reached out to caliber directly about wholesale-ing the trucks a couple months ago, but they ignored it.

me too, then I realized the source is obviously selling offshoot brands… yea i mean $50 each, $100 pair.

@Pantologist i’m not sure if its the same, but i think the one I liked showed paris trucks, and others…

I actually meant $50-60 for the pair given Enertion and DIY sell clones for about $40. The only difference with these is that they’ll have a bit more real estate on the hangars.

I have a spare hanger from my boosted that has a loose motor mount on it. I didn’t know they were a little bit longer than off the shelf Calibers. Is that confirmed?

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thats true i’m not even sure what the bulk price is yet, the steel axles would need to be longer too. what do you think is the target hanger width?

x2 6374 needs 160mm or so + 12mm x2 for belts. 184 + wheel offset + 40mm 230mm? 250mm? or go evolve with 320mm?

Can you measure it? take a pic next to a regular caliber if you have one.

Maybe try asking here :slight_smile: https://www.reddit.com/r/boostedboards/

They are longer for sure as I compared mine to a Boosted, but by how much I can’t say. When I saw it, it looked like 1-2cm

I think 200mm with 284mm axle is sufficient. I find 42mm from end of axle to hangar to be the perfect width for Enertion pulleys. and 200mm should fit to 6355’s with 15MM belts. If you want to be able to throw 6374’s on there I imagine 230 (314 axle) would be sufficient.

@saul & @Jinra - I’ll get pictures of the two hangers compared to each other here in a little bit.

You could commission someone like @korryh to make a sweet extended motor mount to provide more clearance for the reverse setup.

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I’d prefer not to go any longer than the 280mm belts I have now.

@saul/@Jinra - They honestly look the same. The difference I saw was ~1mm (183/184mm), which isn’t substantial enough to believe that it was on purpose. When looking at them, it’s all about perspective that might make one look longer than the other:

Hopefully that helps. :slight_smile: