Wanted modded GT2B controller and receiver

Hey guys,

I am looking for a already modified GT2B controller and receiver. I received my nano x and out of the box the receiver does not work and they want me to send it to Canada for repair. I will do it but rather purchase something well known and have this as a back up…

Let me know what you have. I have PayPal ready.

I’ve got a GT2B with the Master Cho mod, it’s slightly used but I’d take $60 for it, if you are interested. I would suggest you look at the MEB Remote though.


From what I have read a lot of those types of remotes have drop out issues don’t they? Do you have pics of your controller?

I’ve never had a cutout, I used it for a about 2 weeks. I’m just partial to thumb trigger remotes.

The one I have is the exact remote as in this post.

It’s at work or I’d take some pics now, I can send you pics Monday if you are interested. In the interest of trying to give good advice, I have 3 of the MEB/Benchwheel remotes and have zero complaints.

You can buy great ones from @FLATLINEcustoms

Yep, it’s a sweet looking remote. Look at this thread for how to buy…

Here’s the prices…