Wanted! One single Abec 11 Flywheel 83mm 75a

I just need one wheel in used but good condition. I flat spotted my drive wheel and I’m looking for a replacement because the other three wheels are in great shape. I’m in US. Please let me know if you got one. Thanks Michael

I think I saw a picture of that …how did u do that?

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what Mic said /\ did you lock your motor up?

Your probably gonna have to buy a whole new set and save the other 3 for spares. Or you could try contacting abec11 and see if they will sell you one wheel. http://www.sk8trip.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=CTGY&Store_Code=S&Category_Code=contact

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@Michaelinvegas sorry for the slow response. Something flew into my motor or belt and it just instantly seized up. Luckily I was kinda in a squat and I didn’t get thrown off. It just left a 20 foot thane line on the pavement. I never found what made it seize up and ended up riding it another 3 miles home. Bump bump bump bump bump😩

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@Namasaki thanks for the suggestion. I didn’t think of just requesting to purchase one wheel from Abec 11

I’ll give it a try before I purchase a new set.

@Namasaki thanks again for you suggestion. I just heard back from Diana at SK8trip distribution and she is sending be a single replacement 83mm 75a Flywheel :smile::smile::smile::smile::smile::smile: I’ll be back burning up the pavement in no time!!

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I was super stoked to hear that SK8trip Distribution was going to send me a single replacement Flywheel after my email request. It even seemed they were willing to give it to me for free. Awsome customer service from Diana.

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I got a box in the mail yesterday that seemed excessively large for a single wheel… They sent me a whole set. Free! I’m not sure if I deserve that but I am more that impressed with the SK8trip customer service. They have a fan for life. Never underestimate the power of a friendly email.

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So I guess the original question still stands? Anyone got s spare flywheel???

I’ll sell you one of my new ones for the price of a full set and include three extra wheels for free.

I mean you can’t turn down three free wheels, amirite?


@bigben I now have 3 spare, good condition, used Flywheels in 83mm 75a. If anyone needs one… let me know.