Wanted pulley kit UK

Hi,im in need of 2x 15mm 5m wheel pulleys and 2x 15mm motor pulleys 8mm bore with 3mm keyway,preferably local so shipping cost is cheap. Would prefer the push in style pulleys rather than bolt through. To fit ABEC 11 FLYWHEELS

You kan maybe try electricboardsolutions.com or eskating.eu

but maybe that is a bit to expensive

Thanks,there prices are actually quite good,just not keen on 3d printed I would rather pay the extra for stronger materials.

Gone with @squishy654 recommendations off another thread for the hobbyking abec wheel pulley/motor pulley and belt for £40 for dual setup and free 48hr delivery…fingers crossed,they look good!

@squishy654 didnt realise they came without the retainer rings and bolts,also on backorder from international warehouse! Sold out uk/eu! Do You know where I could buy some to fit?

I’ve said it a bunch of times, don’t get the parts get the kit…its easier and complete…if you just get parts that’s all you will have, if you want the kit get the kit…dont cut corners, it is already really cheap for what it is…its better to have extra stuff you wont need verses not all the parts you need…

I havnt been on here for a long time so wouldn’t have seen that! There site search function is rubbish,and info.

You got a link for the complete kit @squishy654 so I can see if that’s in stock and just return the pulleys!

Thanks but not what I need, iv had a full board setup for like over 2 years now just replacing the pulleys to 15mm i don’t need all that. I guess I’ll just back order from Hong Kong and find something to use in the meantime.

Its not a board (I have no idea why there is a deck in the picture but it doesn’t come with one), it’s a kit that comes with everything but the deck and battery…it’s designed to all work together…

Its all good i have torqueboard 218 trucks,sensored maytech 6374 motors,focboxes…I litterly just wanted a pulley kit with retainer ring. I’m gonna back order the rings and bolts and make something fit in the meantime.

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there you go…I actually have some of the rings and you can buy the bolts, too easy…but I don’t have time to ship stuff, I barely have time to build my stuff right now…

Do you know the size of the bolts I would need Sean?

I’d have to measure when I get home but it was a common size…I believe m5 or something, just guessing, but have someone take a caliper to them.

here’s the bolts: https://hobbyking.com/en_us/motor-mount-cover-with-bearing.html

Thanks would really help…another member has helped out with dimensions for the retainer ring,shouts out to @moon top bloke.

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The ones that I have are around 4mm thick, so if you find them you should be good

Its skate hardware, I just remembered…you can use like a 2inch length skate truck mounting hardware bolt to mount this pulley to the core lol no really



Thanks Sean,iv got someone offered to help me out and 3d print the retainer ring…

@bigben did you say you found the file you used?

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