Wanted: Raptor 2

Hi Lads,

I would like to buy a Raptor 2 but missed out on the special pricing. If anybody would like to sell their Raptor 2 to me for $1000 USD, I would love it. If not, I will just order from Jason for 1300USD. Just want to make sure anybody’s not selling their board for cheaper. I’m located in the US, NYC.

Thanks Owen

This seems like a crazy offer considering no one has even had the chance to own one yet. This would be like buying a brand new car from the lot just to sell it to someone for a couple thousand dollars less the same day it was purchased.

But… I do like your style dude! Good luck!

I am kind of hoping for someone who bought the board for 899 to realize that they don’t need it. Maybe just wishful thinking on my part, but still worth a try I guess.

I would be willing to let mine go for 1200. Been buying too many boards :slight_smile: NYC Area

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I preordered the Raptor 2, inmediately after I started a Loaded Vanguard build and, before even finish the Vanguard, I started to build a Never Summer Reaper, and I’m eager to finish any of my builds. BTW I already have Bamboo GT.

I’m going to have 4 e-boards in 2017 and I don’t want to get rid of any of them, am I a possessive douchbag?


I’ve got a brand New Raptor. In Box, Never Opened. $1500


Still have the Raptor 2 for sale Psychotiller?