WANTED - Solid Kegel Pulley similar to Evolve?

Hey all, I was wondering if anyone has ever made solid kegel pulley’s similar to that ones that evolve sells but that fit on a caliber trucks. 9-12mm wide and bearing or no bearing?

I am not to fond of the screws as spokes options as its not the clean look I am going for, for my build.

I have one of the Evolve ones that I originally bought for a project that is now abandoned if you want it. I’ll sell for $10 + shipping. (It was originally $30)

I have switched to @torqueboards gears because I had knock-off wheels that didn’t fit the insert.

I haven’t tried the evolve gears with caliber trucks, but I would assume the trucks need modification regardless of which one of the insert style pulleys you use.

See this video for reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t6V4nBUFeYk

Hope this helps.






You can looking by esk8.de Aluminium Wheel Pulleys in 32/34/36T and 9mm ore 15mm wide.