Just wondering if anyone has a SPACE Cell battery they want to sell in Australia at all. Also chasing a VESC if anyone is selling one. Really want to get my board on the road before winter.

Cheers, Shaun.

not sure if @Wanderer sold his or returned it. But maybe he can help you.

Yeah I have asked him a few weeks ago mate. He sold it already unfortunately :confused:.

Oh snap… Are you into Diy? Why don’t you build a pack? Check out our 18750 group buy thread. Though I’m not sure how shipping to Australia would be

Is there a lot involved in building them mate? I’m definitely interested, will just have to find out how to build it. I am a DIYer in general so wouldn’t mind giving it a go. I wonder if anyone else in Aus is part of that group buy?

I think there are gonna be a lot of build threads going up on how to make them. Im gonna put mine up for sure when I get my batteries in. Im making a 10s 4p pack. So 37 volts 10amphours.

I’m not sure if there are any Aussies but there is someone from Canada I’m pretty certain