Wanted switch like vedder

So I’m after a switch or a kit like vedder I seen a few people selling similar kits like sl33py but not sure if he has any left. So either a complete item or a kit depending on price. Will only be running 6s. Forgot to add needs shipping to uk or uk supplied one.

Have you asked if @sl33py has any?

I have some vedder switches.

I think i have 2 or 3 left. They are a kit, so it’s DIY and SMB soldering is needed. You can also check them out on esk8.de and Miami electric skate’s site - fully made.

I don’t want anyone to get a switch they can’t assemble. A fun project for sure, but if you haven’t worked with hot-air rework or reflow oven to solder these it can be a bit daunting.

pm me if you want a kit - and looks like barajabali has some as well. Good to have options!

Ollin board co has them as well

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How much are they

I got mine from esk8.de (@elkick) and it´s definitely worth the price. Having a real switch is much more intuitive than using a loop key and the changeable car fuse makes sure that you won´t accidentally burn your VESC.

DIYes also has them

Just FYI, DIY and Miami are similar switches, but are not the vedder/fechter switch. In using DIY one and has worked great so far but there is no fuse/holder

Yeah it’s definitely daunting. I bought parts for three and can’t get a single one working. Once I have time I will diagnose the issue.

What does it mean didn´t get a single one working?

I know from own experience that the switch only works with some consumer (eg motor, led) connected to the out ports. When i got my AS from esk8.de i tested it on the bench with just a 12V power supply at the in ports and my voltmeter connected to the out ports and it didn´t work, then after putting it in my esk8 setup everything was fine.

I must have screwed up somewhere.

Use something to bypass the xt90s and see if you still have issues. Maybe some spare 10-14awg wire.


I have two switches. vedder and the standard high voltage switch.

both of which are very reliable. vedder more so than the high voltage switch. but the high voltage comes with a warrantee in case you get a dud.

48 for high voltage 45 vedder


check it out.