[Wanted] TB 218mm trucks with dual motor mounts

Anyone by any chance have a set of trucks with mounts they dont need? The trucks and mounts are super expensive to get in Australia so was hoping someone had a second hand set. They don’t need to look great, just still be functional

Not sure how much they will cost to send to you but I have trucks and mounts, I will have the now mounting rings in a couple days

I even have the original bushings which I used for 3 days and changed because I’m too heavy for them

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Don’t worry, I have them mounted only until I get motor mounts for my Surf rodz which selling these should get me some

You’ve got the TB trucks? And what mounts are they? I’d be happy to pay whatever as long as its less than $300 with shipping

Added pics


Do they fit 63xx motors?

@kalebludlow I will have to weigh everything and get a shipping price, but pm me and we can work something out, and yea I was using their 6474 motor before it messed up

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I have a bkb motor mounted onon there now that’s 6374