Wanted: tester in San Diego for a new gear drive

Talk to your boy. I have several setups available in San Diego to test out!!!


Oh I totally forgot about @Bobby

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End of june ill be visitng the fam.for a couple weeks over in carmel mtn. Bringing my board as im road tripping… If you have a TB mount thatll be easy plug n play for that board? :wink:

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Carmel Mountain is 2 miles from my place, hahah, tell me when your here so I could try to organize a San Diego group ride

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Aren’t you friendly with @PatRocks?

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I didn’t even know he was in SD

For sure man… Imma drop u a pm just so i dont lose track of people

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Your design looks great @marcmt88 , wishing I had a platform for it!! Let me know when you’re working on a surfrodz project!!


How much do you think you are going to sell them for and when will they be available? I am really interested in buying gear drives. Also how much do they weigh?

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Sent a pm. @KaramQ how could you forget about me and not know that @PatRocks aka Patty sk8s is a san diego local as well!?!?

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I’m sorry, I know I’ve been slacking

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Just effin with ya bud :grin:. Get back in your room yet?

Not even, won’t be back at home till the 11th, these renevation people keep on slacking on us

All I’m saying if it can handle San Francisco streets and hills it could handle anything else :man_shrugging:t2::man_shrugging:t2::man_shrugging:t2: send them over to @sofu and we could test them the right way…


We got some 50° inclines here in San Diego, more like 20-35% gradient inclines

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Pass the blunt please


Maria ave, spring valley Uploading: BD05DA1E-33C7-4A18-9EE7-5AC4F0C3CA62.jpeg…

50 degrees is over 100%…


You know lambard street is only 27 degrees right?

Fuck, my calculations are wrong again, Maria is a 32%