WANTED (UK): Caliber II trucks, motor mount and remote

Hey guys,

Editted this old post for my new requirements (first 6 posts were for previous WTB topic). Ideally a GT2B with MasterCho enclosure but happy for a good, very reliable remote. Building for my wife so want to make sure it ticks all the safety boxes.

Holler at me if you have anything to offer.



Get in touch with @atenner - he has sorted me out with some nice clones.


Will do, Thanks!

Sorry wrong thread :joy:

I have 83,90,97mm wheels.

83mm 20us +12us ship by USPS. color comes with blue,red , orange 90mm 23us +15us ship by USPS. color comes with red for now

Ah thank you but I’ve resolved this requirement. Sorry

New WTB replies start here.

Bump? Still looking :slight_smile:

If you’re looking for a remote I can recommend the mini remote. Something like this? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2-4GHz-Transmitter-Remote-Controller-4-Channel-Receiver-for-Skateboard-OS917-/142429111219?hash=item21296fc3b3:g:rTQAAOSw0j9ZU9Sg

Yes! Thanks man! After your help I built my board and my wife got envious so building her one. If you recommend it I’ll happily jump on it now :smile:

I don’t know about this seller but this is the type I have and the batteries seem to have a mysterious power that doesn’t run out!

Haha, same with my GT2b, I’ve charged it twice and I’ve done over 850 miles on my board. I’ve grabbed it since its £15 and wife is keen to get on her board.

I’m pushing my board harder so using up 14Wh/mi and the batteries don’t feel like they last long (10 miles). I charge em to 4.2V/cell but my balance charger doesn’t seem to let me charge them to 4.1V to squeeze more cycles out of them. Should I jump onto liion when these go kaput?

I’ve got a 10s4p lion pack, it’s great but the voltage sags a bit so have just ordered 10 of these to make 2 new packs.