WANTED UK/EUROPE Motor mounts,pulleys(15mm) for 6374 motor

Trying to gather some parts for a build if anyone has spares laying around. I’m in london(uk)

What about APS?

what do you have?

Aps is a shop in London

oh, I know lol I thought you had parts yourself. I’m just asking around here too.

@paulus_germanus is selling new maytech hub motors

I am indeed, they’re still for sale :slight_smile: Thanks for the shoutout @tueboard !

Hello i have a vesc 4.12 for sale 80 euro + shipping i am in Spain. Let me know if u are interestead.

I’ve already managed to pick up a vesc as well as a few other things so I’m good for now

Hi. I have maytech VESC. 90USD 6374 200KV 50USD 90MM 6364 dual Hub motor drive 118USD Dual motors controller(ESC) 52USD