Wanted: Used Mountain Board Parts

If anyone has any Mountain Board or all-terrain parts (Trampa, MBS, etc.) that they’d like to sell; new or used, let me know what you’ve got or send me a PM!

I’d be most interested in trucks (channel or skate type, 10mm or 12mm axles, etc.), bindings, wheels and tires. But decks, bearings, drive components, electronics, accessories or anything else is welcome too!

Pic for attention :sunglasses::mountain_snow::mountain::park::snowboarder:


Nobody has any extra MTB parts lying around, collecting dust?

What hubs are they?

I have some beat up white-ish MBS Twistar Hubs that I won’t be needing (just got aluminium hubs). not sure how useful they would be for a build, but LMK.

I have new mountain board parts. these things very heavy, shipping will quite expensive. I am in china

Hi i have 2*300kv motors , 1 Motor mount , 4 drive belts, metal battery enclosure and 1 vesc for sale if anyone wants these parts let me know. Everything for 200 euro + shipping. Parts used but good condition.

I would be very interested in buying all of this if it is still available

Yes parts are still available. If you send payment i can prob send today.