Wanted Vesc Los Angeles

Anyone have a Vesc that is not enertion that lives in LA willing to sell , I need one asap not a high quality one it’s for a cheap penny board build, pref torque boards or maytech.

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In the same boat, also in LA. I wish you luck

focboxs, $140 a piece tho

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I am not in LA , but have some vescs pm me if you need them

I got MayTech VESC with custom XT-90 female antispark connectors if you are interested

Well I would sell you mine but I just got it for my board it’s the first Vesc that has been used so no extras Sorry :disappointed_relieved:


I will be selling the two off of my main build, no problems with them, but I have focboxes sitting in the mailbox to replace them

But I won’t be selling them till I’m back in school in Riverside on Jan 9

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