WANTED: Wheels - U.K

Does anyone have any wheels to fit abec pulley. Seem hard to find in the U.K. Unless I pay expensive shipping costs

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These have pretty cheap shipping?

I have these: http://s.aliexpress.com/FbuUV73y The price changes every week, I bought 4pcs for only 30$ inclusive shipping to EU. Maybe you can check the shipping to UK and wait until they offer them again at that price.



Ah brill some good options, thanks guys. I have 2 samples set up ready to pay on alibaba or see if anyone had a cheap set and save myself the hassle


i’m interested too in this topic

For those orange wheels, what pulleys did you use?

@WARMAN has some clones for sale in the for sale section. Plus other stuff inc vescs etc.

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I used this 30T pulley from ebay and 3 or 6 M5 bolts, they fit perfect into the gaps.


I’ve got a set of blue 97mm clones. I can 3D print for you a few pulleys (any size) if you want. I can sell you wheels and pulleys for £50.

Ah sounds great. I’ve got pulleys ready to go, how much for just the wheels ?

did you have to drill through the pulley to atach it to the wheel

Yep you need to drill the holes :wink: