Wanting an arguably overkill build

Hi, I’m a 180 pound rider who loves high speed and long range with aggressive riding (don’t we all) looking to build a board with 40-45mph capability and 40-50 mile range. Roughly $3k budget. I’m still in the beginning phases of deciding on parts and this is where I would greatly appreciate input.

This is what I have in mind currently, nothing set in stone whatsoever.

dual 4000 Watt 190kv flipsky 6384 motors (What are advantages of 10mm shaft vs 8mm?)

12s8p Battery (not sure where to source or what cells are best)

Undecided on trucks, looking for the least amount of speed wobble, I’m ok with sacrificing the carving aspect to stay on the board at high speeds lol.

Would like to have pneumatics on the board as I would like this to be a comfortable street / sidewalk cruiser, but if the speed & range is sacrificed too much I am comfortable with other options. 0 experience on pneumatics, just seen videos.

As far as ESC goes, to my understanding I just need to keep amperage max 5-10 percent higher than motor draw, if there’s anything I’m missing besides this that I need to keep in mind I am all ears. The current one I have in mind is flipsky Dual FSECS 6.6

As far as gear ratio goes, I’d like it to be in the ballpark of 40mph with enough torque so it doesn’t put a crazy load on the motors. Looked at 2:4:1 (15t motor pulley to 36t wheel pulley) ratio on 120mm pneumatics which gave me a 41 mph weighted theoretical max.

If there’s anything y’all can tell me that would make this a dream build, please do not hesitate I aim to be an information sponge. If you have a build that is similar to what my build goal is, please drop the parts list :slight_smile: much appreciated. -The Mailman

There’s a lot of pulleys for 8mm than for 10mm. I have both and realized this. Also the shaft is shorter on 10mm than 8.

You can check out Skyartpower.com for batteries. If you’re planning to build one yourself, study about it.

Do not use Double Kingpins. Any RKP trucks is great. If you’re going pneumatics, 6 inch, and a good size wheel pulley with motor pulley will give you speed and torque. Around 13t-14t for motor pulley. Idk about 6inch pneumatics teeths.

Get either stormcore 60D, makerX escs, or anything else over this. FS has great motors, their electronics, not so much.

They say that on the calculations for mine, but I did not get that exact calculations. I would recommend testing with different sizes to fit your requirements.

I basically have built that board. I would recommend some changes though. I would get in contact wit Z battery solutions to make a 16s6p battery. That will have your range and dummy power. If you are on a 12S you will not really be able to see the full potential of those motors. You are also limited on boards with big batteries so this is what I have done with my build and what I would recommend

-4000W FS motors if they will fit. 140kv (read below) -stormcore 100d -16s6p battery -I used boundmotors dropdown deck for my build. I could not find really any that would fit

I would go with 140kv because 190kv is so high for no reason. anything over 40mph is like fast af so thats basically where u want to stop. on 190kv it will fly up to that but I would recommend a 140kv and have the low end punchy torque.

Z battery solutions did my battery and it came in perfect Here is his email [email protected] He is in college so it might take a sec but he is pretty highly known around here.

I personally have double kingpin trucks but thats because I love deep carves. Never almost ever gotten speed wobbles with them other than like 2-3 times in 3 years.

Goodluck, I am never on here but if you respond maybe I might see it.