WARNING Ego-Tech - Crooked E-board dealer ( Based in QLD Australia)

Now I realise that 95% of people here on the wouldn’t be looking anywhere near these guys to purchase a product, but I have to at least get this out there.

Spurred on from another board posted on here (the rebranded iWonder), I decided that I would look at purchasing one as a quick fix while I continued with my DIY build. I was looking for a super light weight, but capable commuter that I could tote on and off public transport.

I found these guys www.ego-tech.com.au who list the iWonder almost a few other of the usual China e-board suspects. They also have a bunch of drones, e-bikes, trikes etc. After a few emails back and forth with one of the of the two partners who started up the company, I agreed that I would purchase one when their stock came in. Somewhere along the line the partners had a falling out and one I was dealing with left the company. He sighted irreconcilable differences and said that they wouldn’t be in business together anymore. He said that I could still get the board through Luke once they came in.

Cut to two weeks later I get an email from this Luke Kleinschmidt telling me that the boards are were finally in, but he wanted to charge me an additional $150 due to unforeseen importing costs. I declined. He then came back and said that he would agree to sell it at the original invoiced amount and could I please deposit the money directly into his Com Bank account. This in itself was pretty suspect. I said I’d only do it through Paypal and so he agreed. After I transferred the money I asked him the next day when he would be shipping it… he said once it had cleared into his bank account he would ship the board? I’ve been using paypal for about 15 years and know full well that the money had already been transferred into his account. He was claiming that it would take about a week. So, at this point I realised that my original gut feeling about this guy was probably right on… not a straight shooter.

I emailed him and said, lets just go ahead and cancel the transaction as I didn’t feel comfortable. He apologised, suggested that he would then ship it after the weekend or he could cancel the order. I said lets just go ahead and cancel it. He responded with “Hey Ben thanks very much for understanding buddy and the order will be canceled and refunded asap …”

He now has his phone disconnected, its now been 2 weeks with a number of unanswered emails… and still no refund. Radio silence! I’ve finally logged a claim with Paypal which will run its due course.

What a worm…this guy even tried to link-in with me. I’ve since spoken with his now ex-partner and he has apologised profusely and now believes he’s heading for bankruptcy.

So, there it is… STAY CLEAR OF THIS COMPANY. They have their stuff on eBay and all over gumtree.

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Sorry to hear about your transaction. I purchased a board from the same guy with out a problem. He was very helpful and the board is great. He possibly thought he refunded you? Seems strange. Hope you get it sorted.