Warning for torque board vesc users

Hello all i want to start off by saying i love my motors and speed controllers I purchased from torqueboards and I had a great experience with them and there remarkably fast shipping. I also am very impressed with the quality of there products so far!!!

However upon inspecting these guys I noticed the power wire on 3 of the 5 vescs was being punctured by the backside of the hall sensor port!! im glad I noticed this befor powering up to do some testing tomorrow!! I solved this issue by cutting the shrink wrap and routing the power wires on the outside of the shrink wrap… just thought i would share this with anyone as I foresee some possible issues here.




comparison between correctly trimmed pins and not.


my solutions(s)


pic thanks for reading hope this helps.

none of your photos uploaded :wink:

saw that… should work now thanks

easy fix is to clip the pins.

yes it was however it bothered me having those wires in there anywho…

You should inform Dexter of this issue.

i will drop him a message i forgot to do so

just spoke with dexter he said the next batch will be fixed for sure

Sounds like his vendor messed up. This is what I suspected and why I suggested letting him know. This issue is actually old news on the forum. Some unfortunate folks have fried their vescs because of this issue.

i am glad i caught this… anything similar i should watch out for?

This has been a design flaw in the VESC since day dot. Who designs a PCB with the power connection in the middle of the board?

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I have a VESC from torque boards and I think mine may have shorted :/. When you were testing yours, for the VESCs that did end up shorting out, once you gave them power did any lights turn on on the VESC or was everything completely off?

@lowGuido i completely agree

@zamexil to be ahnest i havnt applied power yet i discovered a dead cell in my bettery pack ad have been researching a good replacement all weekend… i found this issue and solved it before powering up. you should message david on his chat and see if he will help you out i have made him aware of this issue

Ya I probably will. If you do end up applying power to one of them, you should let me know what happens.

i just powered one up and the 3 leds lit with the red one flashing a couple times however i never shorted any of these because i caught the issue and fixed it befor hand